THECIS has been the Canadian lead organization for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) since 2013. GEM is a large international project that is the world’s largest study of entrepreneurship, consisting of  50 – 70+ countries each year. Canada was absent from GEM for several years, but in 2013 returned to the program. More on the GEM Consortium at

GEM Canada has taken the lead in, and functions through the GEM Canada Team, which consists of about 19 academics in all 10 provinces with a professional interest and expertise in entrepreneurship. A list of the GEM Canada Team members is here. Read More

Since Canada’s return to GEM, more than 30 GEM reports have been published and released, covering Canada as a whole, most provinces, and many specialized reports on, for example, women and youth entrepreneurship, and the effects of COVID.  GEM reports are all made publicly available. Read More

Currant and past funders of GEM Canada have included: Read More

GEM Canada