Record of Events

GEM Youth Entrepreneurship Report 2017

GEM Canada Youth Entrepreneur Presentation Slides

GEM Women’s Entrepreneurship 2016 Report

GEM Alberta 2016 report – Entrepreneurship in Alberta

GEM Canada 2016 Report

GEM University of Calgary 2015-2016 Report Launch – March 24th, 2017

What’s new in cybersecurity?  Why the World Will Get Technocreep-ier in 2017 – Tom Keenan

Creating the New Alberta – Vision & Leadership Attracting Big Ideas – The Time is NOW!

Alberta 2.0: How to build a more resilient and dynamic Alberta economy – Joe Doucet – Dean of Alberta School of Business

GEM Alberta 2015 report – Launch June 2016

Anti-Spam Legislation: M. Kratz – 2013

How government policy can improve innovation performance: R. Hawkins

Keeping Alberta Growing: S. Blade

Developments in Digital Media: N. Mills

The Boiling Frog Dilemma: Todd Hirsh

Looking at Innovation from a Uniquely Canadian Perspective: R. Hawkins

Investing in ideas: P. Clark

Canada GEM: Mike Herrington